The real disciple and the imposter

Srīla Mādhavendra Purīpāda – the very root of the wish-fulfilling tree of prema (prema-kalpataru) an eternally perfected (nitya-siddha) associate of Bhagavān and the crest jewel of the clan of mahā-bhāgavatas – enacted a pastime of illness. During this līlā, the sevā-vṛtti,...

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The Mahā-bhāgavata’s Every Act is Transcendental

The mahā-bhāgavata is not an ordinary living being, bound to suffer the results of his previous actions (karma). His wanderings and residence in this world are solely for the welfare of the world – that is, for the welfare of all living beings. The illness enacted by the mahā-bhāgava...

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Greed for devotion

In Krishna lila we find that, one day, there were no servants in Nanda Maharaja\'s house. So mother Yasoda went herself to churn butter from the milk. While she was churning the milk, the young child Krishna came to her. At this time Krishna had just learned how to walk and was playing the ...

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