Appearance of Srimati Radhika

In Bhakti Ratnakar it is mentioned that the place of appearance of Srimati Radharani is Sri Raval dham.

anayaradhito nunam bhagavan haririswarahyanno vihaya govindah prito yamanayadrahah (SB 10.30.28)

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'Initiation' and 'Diksha' Synonymous?

The words \'Initiation\' in the west and \'Diksha\' in India are not synonymous. The words do not express completely the same meaning. India\'s spiritual characteristics and cultures are intrinsically different from the cultures prevalent in other countries in this world. Very often Indians f...

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Sri Baladeva Avatara

Sri Baladeva Prabhu, the original Narayana, is the vaibhava-prakasa of Govinda. He is the original cause of all emanations. The Propagating Prime Cause of individuality or the All-pervading Function-Holder of the Personal Godhead is also Baladeva - He is svayam-prakasa. Sri Baladeva’s ...

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